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  I use this page when navigating the site during modifications so that I can get to all other pages from a single point.

The layout of this page may make it a suitable starting point for general navigation if you already know the site or if you already have a good understanding of Irish Coinage.

Otherwise it may simply add confusion - in which case you would be better starting with the Main page .

The layout is general pages on the left and specific or detail pages on the right. The top is generally earlier and the bottom generally later. The right most column is generally reserved for pages illustrating a single coin in high resolution and describing it.

  Current Development
Catalog of Irish Milled Coin Prices 1766-1823 # SOHO and

The Great Rebellion and the English Civil War (1640-1650)

Catalogue of Irish Coin Prices - Gunmoney - Regular Issues

J00090 - Elizabeth I base Groat

J00099 - Edward I colon type

J01046 hen VII penny rose rev

J01051 John DIVEL penny

J01132 1806 five pence

J01214 James I Sixpence

- J01266 - Edward I single pellet

- J01264 - Lime farthing

- J01263 - 1805 Ten Pence

Detail Image Master
(development page)