1961 Halfcrown - UNC

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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16th April, 2002


This coin as an Irish halfcrown date 1961.

This coin is generally unremarkable and I have included it in the high rsoultion images to server as a contrast with the '1961 Mule Halfcrown'.

For a detailed comparison see : Identifying a 1961 Mule halfcrown

This coins is in uncirculated condition - it is a relatively common coin and cost collectors shoule be able to find high grade examples with little difficulty. Note the smooth matt appearance of the surface - Modern Irish coins in high grades are more normally found with matt lustre rather than with highly reflective mirror like field. However they can occasionally be found in a prooflike uncirculated grade with mirror fileds and matt devices - examples such as this which are usually attributed to strikings from early in a dies working life are scarcer.

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