Edward IV - Heavy Issue - Halfpenny - Dublin

at 600 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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7 July, 2001


This coin is a silver halfpenny of Edward IV's heavy cross and pellets issue.

The coin was struck in Dublin in 1465/66

The legends read :
EDW....hVBER (
Edward Lord of Ireland )
n ( City of Dublin )

This coin is in About Very Fine condition. However it has considerable areas of striking flatness on both sides and is on a small flan with an eneven edge.

This is an extremely rare coin - only about 8 examples exist. The other examples also exhibit flatness and poor centring and this is a better than average specimen. It has the distinct advantage that both side have clear legends in the areas which are necessary to identify it; i.e. the last three letters in the mint signature and the final 'hyber' on the obverse. With this few examples it is a bit difficult to be choosy.

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