An Edward I Irish penny of 1283 (third issue)


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This coin is an example of the third issue of Edward's great recoinage in Ireland.
The legends are clear with no blundering and read:

(obverse) + EDW.R ANGL'.DNS.HYB' (reverse) CIVI TAS DVBLI
n IE
Which translates/expands as
(reverse) CITY of DUBLIN

This coin illustrates all the traits of a third issue coin:

  • On the obverse it has the characteristic small cross before a straight backed E - a trefoil on the breast (as the first three issues have) and punctuation; commas and stops in the legend and a contraction bar above the S.

  • On the reverse it has a Lombardic 'n' rather than a Roman 'N' in the mint signature. Many third issue coins have only obverse or reverse die characteristics rather than both, in these cases the other die is a second issue one.

As Dolley ( The Irish Mints of Edward I ) points out it is only necessary to have one new die to identify a coin, and the availability of the surplus second issue dies probably caused this development of an issue which was distinct on either side. The first and second issue only being distinct on the obverse as a contrast.

The coin is in Extremely Fine (EF) condition, but has some weakness at the lower rim of the obverse. Third issue coins, especially with characteristics on both sides are much more difficult to find than the second issue coins.

Of the second issue/third issue mules, those with the obverse cross are more difficult to find than those with the reverse 'n'.

The pure third issue coins (as above) are scarce and more so in better than Very Fine (VF) condition, however specimens even in as nice condition as the one illustrated are not rare and do appear on the market a few times a year.

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