Hiberno Norse - Phase I - Small Cross

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is a Hiberno Norse Penny struck in Dublin in about 1011-1016 AD.

This is a phase I coin. The first phase of Hiberno Norse coinage was when the mint in Dublin was producing coins in Sithric III's name contemporarily with the types of Aethered II of England. This first phase ceased in about 1020 with the final issue being the coins imitating Cnut's first quatrefoil issue. After this the mint in Dublin reverted to the earlier Long Cross type of Aethelred.

This coin - the short cross type - is in imitation of the last of Aethelred's issues.

The legends are fully Irish (some coins have mixed legends) and read:

SIHTRC REX DYFLMN (Sithric King of Dublin)

LIDREHIN MO DYFLN (Lidrehin moneyer of Dublin)

The moneyer on this coin is reported in several other works as IIDREMIN - however this example shows the initial L quite clearly - the identification of the H by comparison with the other Hs Ns and Ms on the coin seems to also be valid.

This coin is in Good Very Fine condition but it is on a buckled flan and has several 'peck marks' noticable on the reverse field. The type is very scarce.

'Peck marks' occur on many coins of this period. There have been a number of attempts to explain them. One suggstion is that they are the result of a sharp implement being used to pry the coin from the die after striking. Another is that they are the result of tests to check that the coin is not a lead copy (lead, or soft alloys of lead, being the only metal which was viable for counterfeiters at this time).

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