Wood's Halfpenny Type II - 1724

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is an Irish George I halfpenny struck in 1724 under license by by William Wood.

This is the slightly scarcer type for 1724 - the more common type has a gap in the reverse legend above Hibernia.

This coin is in Extremely Fine (EF) condition. There are traces of the original red lustre in the lettering, especially on the reverse. However the coin is weakly struck and the detail on George's hair and on the Hibernia figure exhibit both weakness and light wear. There is some pitting of the surface in the legend in front of the king's face - this is probably from a poorly prepared flan, but may be the result of some light corrosion.

Overall this is a nice collectable example of the issue - the 1724 pieces are significantly scarcer than the 1723 pieces and much more difficult to get in high grade.

There is not much significance attached to the reverse legend varieties, except by specialist in the series, and little difference in value despite the continuous legend variety being quite a lot more difficult to obtain.

see : Wood's Halfpenny Type II - 1723 - no pellet before rev legend

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