Wood's Halfpenny Type II - 1723 - no pellet before rev legend

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


Detail Image

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_ Stafford-Langan
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15th August, 2002


This coin is a Wood's halfpenny struck in 1723.

This is the most common variety of Wood's halfpenny. The pellet after the date and no pellet before HIBERNIA identify the the variety.

This coin is in Uncirculated (UNC or MS) condition with almost complete original mint lustre and original red colour. Scanning coins tends to tone down the appearance of lustre.

Woods halfpennies are not scarce but examples with mint lustre, original red colour with no problems such as this one are quite scarce.

Collectors should avoid coins with porous or pitted surfaces and with any corrosion. Planchette flaws are common in this series and the do tend to reduce the value of the affected coins quite significantly.

These coins are collected as part of the US colonial series so they tend to be more expensive in low grade than other 18th century Irish copper even though these pieces are the most common of the series.

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