A King John Penny of Dublin (Roberd)

(at 400 dots / inch)


Irish Coinage


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This coin is an example of an King John penny of Dublin.

The legends are clear with no blundering and read:
(obverse) IOhA NNES RE X(reverse) +ROBE RD ON DIVE
Which translates as JOHN KING / ROBERD OF DUBLIN

John's Irish coinage divides into his period as Lord of Ireland before he was King of England, during which period he minted halfpennies and farthings in Ireland and the period after he became King of England during which he also minted pennies.

This coin is a penny from his period as King of England.

Dublin (DIVE or rarely DIVEL) is the most common mint but these coins are known from Limerick and Waterford. Of the Dublin moneyers Roberd is by far the most common, others are Willelm, WillelmP and Iohan (which may be a blunder from the obverse king's name and is rare).

John's coinage in Ireland as King of England amounted to about 10 million pennies (40,000 pounds) and was primarily to fund his military exploits in France. These coins circulated in England and all across Europe, they were the struck to the same standard as the contemporary English pennies and were accepted as such.

The coin is in good very fine (GVF) condition. John pennies by Roberd normally occur in fine (F) or very fine (VF). Coins this nice are scarce but not rare. Coins of other moneyers or other mints are difficult to find in this condition.

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