George II Halfpenny 1744/3

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is a George II Irish halfpenny from 1744.

The reverse die is a 1743 die which has had a 4 inserted over the final 3 - the top bar of the three is still clearly visible - the lower point of the 3 is less clear but also visible. The same punch was used to repunch the first 4 slightly out of line with the original 4. Note that the 44 is much stronger than the 17.

The overdate variety of 1744 is actually slightly more common than the regular 1744 coins.

This coin is in Very Fine condition. It has light overall wear - most visible on the head and bust of the figure on bow of the reverse harp. However it also has several problems with the reverse legend and rim which are not struck up -the tops of all the reverse letters are weak and the original marks rom working the flan before striking are still visible rather than being obliterated by the strike. The coin has a nice colour for its type and condition.

These George II halfpennies are quite common in low grade - examples in very Fine condition are not particularly common but usually available to a collector who has some patience. Examples in better grades with no problems, especially with original lustre, are scarce.

Many poorer grade specimens exhibit some surface porosity (pitting from previous corrosion) - coins with porous surfaces are much less desireable.

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