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Index of Pictures of Later Medieval Irish Coins - 2

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  These indices are primarily intended for my use as I build these pages.

These images are selectable to give a higher resolution image (typically 400 dots per inch) and a short description of the coin with comments on grading and scarcity.

All of these images are at 200 dots per inch - which usually displays between 1 1/2 and 3 times life size on a display (depending, of course, on your resolution and display size)

In approximate chronological order:


An Early 'Anonymous' Groat of Edward IV - 1460

Edward IV - Copper Half Farthing - 1461


Edward IV Titled Crown Groat, 1463 - Waterford

Edward IV Heavy Portrait Groat - Dublin

Edward IV - Heavy Issue Halfgroat - Dublin

Edward IV Heavy Portrait Penny - Dublin

Edward IV - Heavy Issue - Halfpenny - Dublin

Edward IV - Double Groat - 1467 - Dublin

Edward IV Doubles Issue Groat - Dublin

Edward IV Light Portrait Groat - Waterford

Edward IV Cross on Rose Penny - Dublin


Richard III - Rose Groat - Drogheda

Henry VII - Three Crown Groat - Type I

A Geraldine Issue 'Three Crowns' Groat of Henry VII - 1487

A Geraldine Issue 'Three Crowns' Groat of Henry VII - 1487 (2)

Henry VII - Portrait Groat - Type I

Henry VIII Harp Groat - H & I

Henry VIII - Harp Half Groat - H & A

Henry VIII - Posthumous Sixpence - mm P

Henry VIII Sixpence - Posthumous Issue - mm Harp


Edward VI - 1552 - Shilling for Ireland (J01400)


Mary Shilling - 1553

Philip and Mary Shilling 1555

Philip and Mary Groat - 1555

A Shilling of Elizabeth I's 'Fine Issue' of 1561

Elizabeth I Shilling - third issue - mm trefoil

Elizabeth I - Third Issue Shilling - mm trefoil


Elizabeth I - Copper penny of 1601 (mm Star)

Elizabeth I - Copper halfpenny 1601 (mm Star)


Sixpence of James I (mm bell)

James I - Shilling - Type II - 3rd Bust

Inchiquin - Dublin Money - Crown


An Ormond Crown of 1643-44