A Geraldine Issue 'Three Crowns' Groat of Henry VII - 1487


Irish Coinage


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15th August, 2002

  This coin is an example of a Geraldine Three Crown groat of Henry VII

The legends are clear with no blundering and read:
(obverse) Double struck at start : REX AN (fleur-de-lis) LIE FRA
(reverse) DOM INUS VBE (fleur-de-lis) RNIE
Which translates and expands as
(obverse) King of England and France
(reverse) Lord of Ireland
The privy marks (such as the fleur-de-lis on this coin) are a common feature of coins of this issue.

The key characteristics of the Geraldine issue are the two small Fitzgerald arms which appears either side of the English/French royal arms which occupy the obverse.

The coin is in Very Fine (VF) condition with a full flan. It has a slight fold crease (most visible on the top left of the centre crown). This is a nice example of this issue. These coins are scarce in this condition and very rare in better condition. The most common problem with coins of this period is clipping which removes part or all of the legend and they often exhibit poor or double striking which obscures part of the design (as at the beginning of the obverse legend of this one).

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