Edward IV - Copper Half Farthing - 1461

at 600 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is a copper half farthing of Edward IV issued in 1461.

The coin was struck in Dublin.

The legend is all but illegible on this example but would normally read PATRIK.

This coin is in Poor condition - it is very badly double struck with each strike only bringing up part of the design. The obverse crown is clear as is one arm and the end of a second arm of the reverse cross. The edge beading on the reverse shows in two sections each correspinding to one of the two strikes. The coin also shows light corrosion over all its surfaces.

The five copper issues of Edward IV between 1461 and 1467 are all extremely rare and the surviving specimens are generally in fair or poor condition. However there are about three or four examples of this issue which are known in significantly better grade. For most collectors this is the grade that is available. The total number of examples is probably less than 20.

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