Mary Shilling - 1553

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is an Irish shilling of Mary issued in 1553 (in Roman numerals).

The legends read:

MARIA:(lis):D:G:ANG:FRA:Z:HIB:REGINA: ( Mary by the grace of God queen of England France and Ireland )

VERITAS:TEMPORIS:FILIA:M:D:LIII (Truth is the daughter of time, 1553).

Coins of Mary from before her mariage to Phillip of Spain are quite scarce. The three smaller denominations (groat, halfgroat and penny) are rarer than the shilling.

This coin is in About Very Fine (AVF) condition. It has a nicely struck up reverse harp and the legends are fully readable. However the obverse portrait is a bit weak and the obverse legend is not fully on the flan and is weak in places. There are some light scratches on the obverse which unfortunately have damaged the portrait. Overall this is a respectable example of this scarce issue, but better specimens are available.

This coin is a very popular coin and examples usually attract interest when they are offered for sale

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