Henry VII - Three Crown Groat - Type I

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is an Irish groat of Henry VII issued in Dublin between 1485-87. It uses the 'three crown' design which was introduced in the 1483 Coinage Act of Edward IV, and which was first used in 1483/4 by Richard III.

This coin is the first type of 'three crown' groat of Henry VII - It is a Dublin coin as the Waterford coins all have a tressure around the crowns. The early coins have three pellets at the ends of the arms of the cross on either side - later coins have three annulets.

This coin is unsigned, the legends are :

Obverse : REX ANGLIE FRANCE (King of England and France)

Reverse : DOMINUS HIBERNIE (Lord of Ireland)

This coin is in Very Fine condition and is on a nice round flan. It has areas of weakness around the legends. These coins are often found with weak areas of legend and often with weakness in the main designs. Overall this is a nice but unremarkable example of the type.

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