Edward IV Titled Crown Groat, 1463 - Waterford

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is a groat (four pence) of Edward IV struck in Waterford in 1463 or 1464.

It was struck by the Mintmaster Germyn Lynch who had been appointed by Edward as Mintmaster for the Irish coinage in 1463. These coins were struck in Dublin and in Waterford.

This coinage replace the previous 'untitled' coinage of 1460/61. (see : An Early 'Anonymous' Groat of Edward IV - 1460 )

This coinage contains the Kings full name and Irish titles :

EDWARDVS DEI GRA DNS HIBERNIE ( Edward, by the Grace of God, Lord of Ireland )

And the two legend cross and pellets reverse typical of the english Groats between 1351 and about 1502.

The outer legend is typical :

POSVI DEVM ADIVTORE MEVM - ( I have made God my helper )

The inner legend contains the mint signature - in this case :

CIVITAS WATERFORD - ( City of Waterford )

This example is in Good Very Fine (GVF) condition. It has only minimal wear and is lightly clipped. There is some striking weakness in the obverse legend and the reverse is off centre with a resluting loss of part of the outer legend. Overall a very nice example of this rare coin.

This is the rarer of the two varieties struck in Waterford - the other variety has pellets in the tressure (instead of annulets here) and has no symbols on either side of the crown (instead of the saltires (crosses) here).

All the coins of the 1463 issue are rare. Examples are very seldom offered for sale. There are perhaps 15 - 20 examples of the Groat and fewer of the penny - With Waterford pieces representing about 1/3 of the coins.

There are only 3 halfgroats known, 2 of Dublin and 1 of Waterford (currently AWOL).

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