An Early 'Anonymous' Groat of Edward IV - 1460

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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15th August, 2002

  This coin is an example of an early 'Anonymous Issue' groat of Edward IV of Dublin.

The legend is clear with no blundering and reads:
Which translates as CITY OF DUBLIN

This coin type, weighing 45 grains with nine arcs in the tressure around the crown and no symbols in the angles of the tressure, is normally considered to be the earliest of the so called 'anonymous' coinage.

The coin is in About Extremely Fine (AEF) condition, but has some old scratches, a slight dig above the crown and a flaw in the edge at about 2 o'clock. Despite these flaws this coin is considered the finest known of the anonymous issue and was listed as such in the Locket sale in 1958 and several subsequent sales. It seems superfluous to write that these coins are not normally found in as good condition as this, but respectable specimens in Very Fine condition are usually available.

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