Henry VIII Sixpence - Posthumous Issue - mm Harp

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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15th August, 2002


This coin is a Henry VIII sixpence from Dublin. It is from the posthumous period and is actually a coin of Edward VI struck in his father's name.

The mintmark is a harp and appears at the beginning of the reverse legend only.

The legends are :

Obverse : HENRIC' 8 D' G' AG' ET FRA' Z HIB' REX
Henry 8 by the Grace of God King of England France and Ireland.

Reverse : (harp) CIVITAS DVBLINIE
City of Dublin.

This coin is in Good Very Fine (GVF) condition. It is a nice round example which is reasonably well centred and it has traces of original lustre in the devices and very good surfaces. However it does have a weak portrait (which is common for the type) and it does have some flatness in the legends. These coins are not scarce in grades below Very Fine (VF) but examples in VF or better are scarce especially with good surfaces. Most desirable and rare are specimens with clear fully struck up portraits.

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