Henry VIII - Posthumous Sixpence - mm P

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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17 Feb, 2001


This coin is a sixpence issued in Dublin in the name of Henry VIII in the year after his death by his son Edward VI.

The legends read:

Obverse : HENRIC 8 D G AGL FRA Z HIB REX (Henry 8 by the Grace of God King of Engalnd France and Ireland)

Reverse : CIVITAS DVBLINIE (City of Dublin)

The mintmark at the beginning of the reverse legend is the letter 'P'

This coin is in Very Fine (VF) condition on the obverse with a better reverse. There are some areas of original lustre on the reverse. The portrait is a bit flat but still retains some character. There are small small spots of verdegris on the reverse at about 7 o'clock. Overall this is a nice example of the type - better examples are available but not common.

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