Edward IV - Double Groat - 1467 - Dublin

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is a double groat (8 pence) from Edward IV's doubles issue of 1467.

It was struck in Dublin.

The legends read :

EDWARDVS DEI GRA DNS HYBERN ( Edward by the Grace of God Lord of Ireland )

CIVITAS DVBLINIE ( City of Dublin )

This issue of coins in 1467 followed the 1465 issue which had been heavily exported and had reduced the silver supply in Ireland. The doubles issue was so named because it was set at almost double the previous weight standard so that the new double groat (at 45 grains) weighed only slightly more than the previous heavy issue groat ( illustrated )(at 41 grains) and weighed the same as the first issue of anonymous groats issued only seven years earlier ( illustrated ).

These coins were only issed in the mints near 'The Pale' of Dublin, Trim and Drogheda - the most significant absence is the otherwise prolific mint of Waterford.

This coin is in extremely fine condition with some original lustre remaining in the devices. However, the strike is a bit weak in parts of the legend and the edge is a bit uneven. It is one of the finest known examples of this very rare issue. There are no more than about 15-20 examples of this coin known and the other denominations ( groat illustrated ) and mints from this issue are all scarcer again than this one.

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