An Ormond Crown of 1643-44



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This coin is an example of an Ormond Crown struck in Dublin in 1643-44
There are no legends except for CR on the obverse
Which stands for Carolus Rex ; (
King Charles )

This coin is a normal Ormond crown, there are many minor variations.

The coin is in About Very Fine (AVF) condition for the type but is a very presentable specimen. The problems typical of Ormond or other large crude hammered pieces are areas of flatness and double striking. It is clear that the reverse of this coin was struck twice, one strike forming the top half of the coin and the other the bottom - the area on the left of the reverse which is not struck up at all shows the original state of the flan before striking - areas like this are not uncommon on larger Ormond pieces. Well struck Ormond crowns with no doubling or flatness are scarce - and more so if they are in better than Very Fine (VF) condition.

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