Elizabeth I Shilling - third issue - mm trefoil

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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14 September, 2002


This coin is a shilling of Elizabeth I's third Irish issue. It dates from early 1601. The trefoil mintmark which appears on both sides is a date indicator.

These coins occur with 3 mintmarks, the trefoil, the star and the martlet. The same three mintmarks are used on the copper pennies and halfpenies which are also dated and which allows a positive relationship between mintmarks and dates to be constructed.

This coin is in Good Very Fine (GVF) condition. It has an excellent round flan and the legends are fully struck up. there are some traces of original lustre on the reverse. The surfaces show some light overall pitting and the obverse shield has some flatter areas which are not well struck up. There are some uneven sections of the edge and some minor striking cracks.

These coins were made with very poor quality silver so corrosion is common on most examples. They are generally not well struck and most pieces have areas of weakness in the legends - typically, as these pieces we made in a 'rocker' press, two areas of weakness usually occur on opposite sides of the flan.

Overall this is an excellent example of this issue - specimens in generally better condition are rare.

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