Gunmoney Sixpence 1689 July .

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is a Gunmoney sixpence issued By James II in Ireland in July 1689.

Gunmoney was issued as a promissory or token coinage and was die to be redeemed by James in silver on his regaining the English throne. He never did and the coinage was severely devalued by William and Mary in 1691.

July 1689 sixpences are nor particularly scarce and this is probably the easiest month to get a nice sixpence from as there are a reasonable number of examples in beter condition from this month.

This is the variety with a stop after the month. The stop is the small pellet in the field after the y of July. This is less common than the variety without a stop or pellet after the month, but it is not a scarce variety.

This coin is in Good Extremely Fine condition. The strike is a bit weak in the centre of the portrait and there is some minor discolouration in the same area, there are a few spots of corrosion on the reverse. Overall this is a pretty good example of the coinage for this date specimens in this condition are scarce and better examples with a strong strike and with mint lustre remaining are rare.

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