George III - Halfpenny - 1766

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is an Irish copper halfpenny issued in 1766 by George III.

This issue was the first of George III's reign - however the style is a continuation of the issues of George II.

This coin type was widely counterfeited, at the time of issue or slightly later - quite often with mismatched halves - such as a George II bust coupled with the 1766 date or this bust paired with a later date. Many of the contemporary forgeries are quite poorly engraved - even the better examples usually exhibit poor quality in the area of the laurel leaves on the bust.

This coin is in Good Very Fine condition - it has evidence of light overall wear but no loss of actual detail. The colour is good - but the coin has some small areas of pitting from light corrosion, most noticeably on the reverse upper right corner of the harp below the I A of HIBERNIA. It is important to note even small areas of corrosion like this as they do reduce a coin's value.

In this respect it is very important to understand that the catalogue values given for early copper coins are for pieces with clear and clean surfaces. A coin graded as having 'VF detail' but which is generaly porous or pitted on its surfaces is worth way below the catalogue value for VF.

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