George III - 1805 Halfpenny - Bronzed Proof

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is a bronzed proof of the 1805 halfpenny.

The 1805 issue of pennies and halfpennies were struck by Mathew Bolton in his mint in Soho in Burmingham. They were struck in copper for circulation and in a variety of proof strikings in copper, bronzed copper (above), copper gilt and silver.

The edge of the currency issue coins is engrailed (A grove is cut into the edge with an oblique milling within the groove). The proofs occur with plain edges and with the engrained edges. This example has an engrailed edge. (I will supply a scan when I next have the coin for scanning).

This coin is in About Uncurculated condition. It is, of course, unlikley that it has seen any actual commercial circulation. But it has some slight areas of toning in the fields which are a result of light handling.

The proofs of these coin are generally available and much less scarce than any of the earlier proofs. The Silver proofs are the most difficult to find, and really nice examples of the gilt proofs without the underlying copper showing through on the high points or at the rims are also scarce. The proof coins were sometines supplied in brass cases (called shells) - examples with their original shells are more desirable.

The currency issue halfpennies are very common in lower grades and are only of significant interest in high grades - especially uncirculated with good original lustre and colour. The pennies are generally less common but also only of interest in high grades.


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