A Halfpenny of Edward I of Dublin (second issue)

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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5th October, 2004


This coin is an example of a halfpenny of Edward I issued in Dublin in about 1282.

The legends are clear with no blundering and read:
(obverse) .EDW.R' ANGL.'D NShYB'
Which translates/expands as:
(obverse) Edward king of England and Lord of Ireland
(reverse) City of Dublin

This coin is a typical example of the issue with a pellet before a round backed E on the obverse and a similar E on the reverse.

The coin is in about extremely fine condition. Edward I halfpennies are difficult to get in as nice condition as this one, but examples in Fine or Good Fine are not particularly scarce. This coin is quite full but has some edge weakness at 2 o'clock on the obverse. This example has excellent surfaces with some original lustre, coins with porous surfaces and fine pitting are less desirable.

Update :

Having spend some time examing the halfpennies of Edward I recently (Summer 2004) it is clear that this example is among the best surviving specimens. There are very few surviving examples which are full and have such well struck up and strong legends and portrait such as on this one and which have as little wear and no evidence of corrosion. Normally one only encounters pennies in this stae of preservation - the halfpennies are generally in much poorer grade.

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