Hiberno Norse - Phase I - Long Cross - Thymn

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This Coin is a Phase I Hiberno Norse penny. It is in imitation of the 'long cross' type of Aethelred II of England struck between 999 and 1005 AD. This coin is probably contemporary with Aethelred's issue.

The normal Phase I Hiberno Norse coins are ascribed to Sithric however two other names are also represented Thymn and Ogsen. The historic significance of these names is not clear.

The legends on this coin are :



This coin is in Very Fine (VF ) condition. This is a normal grade for this coin as many Hiberno Norse coins occur in relatively high grades.

These coins are very scarce as they are both scarce as Hiberno Norse Phase I coins and significant in that they feature the mysterious issuer Thymn.

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