George III Halfpenny 1775 - Copper Proof

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


Detail Image

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17 Feb, 2001


This coin is a copper proof striking of a George III Irish Halfpenny struck in 1775.

1775 is the second year of production of this style of halfpenny. There are pattern coins dated 1773 and a very small issue dated 1774.

The currency strikings of this coin do not have the long edge denticles (they are usually only partly visible) or the flan extending beyond the denticles.

This coin is in Uncirculated Proof condition - however it is toned to an even chocolate brown colour. These proofs are scarce - they do occur in red uncirculated condition with original lustre. The currency strikings of the 1775 issue are common and only pieces in uncirculated condition with original lustre are scarce.

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