Ringmoney - Gold Plated Type

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This is a piece of Ringmoney dating from between 200BC and 300AD.

Ringmoney comes in several types - this type is a bronze or copper core with a heavy plating of gold.

Ringmoney occurs from several areas as well as Ireland, notably the South of England. Pieces with an established Irish find spot otrprovenance are substantially more sought after than pieces with no provenance.

This example, unfortunately, does not have an original provenance, but it came from an English collection, so it is probably an English piece. However it is of an Irish type - being thicker than most English pieces.

This example is in very fine condition. The gold plating is generally intact, but there is one split with the underlying copper showing as green verdigris, and the plating is seperating from the core at the ends in a couple of places.

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