Hiberno Norse Phase I Penny - Long Cross

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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  This coin is a Hiberno Norse Penny of Dublin - struck during the Phase I period of Hiberno Norse coins.

The Phase I coins were struck as almost exact copies of the English pennies of the period and were struck contemporaneously with them.

This is a copy of the Long Cross type of Aethelred which was struck in England between about 999 and 1005 AD. This is the second type of Phase I coin. The first type copies the preceding crux type.

Phase I pennies often copy the legends as well as the design of the English coins. This piece has an Irish obverse legend : + SIHTRC RE+ DYFNI (Sithric King of Dublin) and an English reverse legend : + GOIPINE MDO PILTI (Godwin of Wilton)

This coin is from the same dies as pieces in the National Museum of Ireland and in the Royal Danish Museum, Copenhagen. Die linking Phase I Hiberno Norse coins a useful way of verifying that the coin is an Irish coin and not a Scandanavian copy. The later phases did not circulate much outside ireland so they are easier to establish as Irish.

This coin is in Good Very Fine (GVF) condition with no wear but with light corrosion dulling the surfaces. Hiberno Norse coins are usually from hoard finds so they do generally turn up in high grades - this is only average condition for this type.

The phase I coins are all scarce and many of the types are rare.

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