1988 Proof Dublin Millennium 50 Pence

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


Detail Image

© 2001 - Copyright
_ Stafford-Langan
Version 1.08a
12 May, 2001


This coin is a proof striking of the 1988 50 pence coin which was issued to comemorate the 1000th anniversary of the establishment of Dublin.

The date of 988 was choosen for its convenience from when the plan was conceived in about 1985 rather than on any hostorical basis. Dublin was operating as a centre of commerce at least 100 before this date and the earliest reference I am aware of dates it to being in existence in 843 AD.

This coin is a proof striking with mirror fields and frosted devices. These pieces were also struck for curculation dated 1988. A regular 50 Pence with the Percy Metcalf woodcock design was also issued dated 1988.

The proof coins were available from the Central Bank of Ireland until early 2001 and are generally available from dealers. The currency strikings are common even in uncirculated condition.

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