Thirty Pence Bank Token - 1808

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


Detail Image

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This coin is a Bank of Ireland silver token for thirty pence Irish issued in 1808.

This denomination was only issued in 1808.

This is the more common variery of the reverse. On the scarcer variety the point of the harp points directly at the 'O' of TOKEN rather than slightly below it as on this example.

These coins are not particularly scarce, however they have two common problems :

The metal is often flecked with small specks of carbon which mar the surface and the obverse portrait is often very weakly struck up with very poor detail on the face and on the laurel wreath. This can make these coins very difficult to grade. An uncirculated example with poor surfaces and detail may not be worth as much as an Extremely Fine example with good surfaces and detail even if it has light traces of wear. (in this example as elswhere on these pages Extremely Fine is the European EF grade and not the much poorer US XF grade [which approximates to VF or Good VF in European terms] )

This example is in Uncirculated (UNC) condition it has good surface luster and excellent surfaces. However it is a bit weakly struck on the bust and has some light flan adjustment marks across the reverse. These coins are scarce in this grade and rare in choice Uncirculated condition.

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