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_ Stafford-Langan
Version 1.11
22nd June, 2003

  These indices are primarily intended for my use as I build these pages.

These images are selectable to give a higher resolution image (typically 400 dots per inch) and a short description of the coin with comments on grading and scarcity.

All of these images are at 200 dots per inch - which usually displays between 1 1/2 and 3 times life size on a display (depending, of course, on your resolution and display size)

I have divided the index into 4 sections to improve their load times as they were becoming quite cumbersome for anybody on a slow link or with a lower spec machine.

The indices still contain about 30-40 thumbnails each at an average size of 25K so each index is approadching 1MB of download. The linked images are genarally twice the resolution of the thumbnails and saved at a lower compression rate for enhanced detail so they are on average about 150K- 200K in size. The dot per inch (dpi) rate is always specified on the detail pages so proper size comparisons can be made.


Index of Pictures of Early Irish Coins - 1 ( ~995 - ~1300 )
Index of Pictures of Later Medieval Irish Coins - 2 ( 1339 - 1659 )
Index of Pictures of Milled Irish Coins - 3 ( 1600 - 1826 )
Index of Pictures of Modern Irish Coins - 4 ( 1928 - 2000 )

Not all the images used on this site feature in the picture indices.

Some images were only scanned in lower resolution for in-line use within the early version of the pages are are still in use today - but there are no higher resolution versions so they do not appear in the indices.

I have a great many images of Irish coins which have not yet been used on the pages - if there is a coin you would like to see an image of - especially if it is one which is not yet represented in any form, then please send me an e-mail and I will attempt to put up an example of that coin (assuming I have an appropriate image, of course).