Limerick Halfpenny 1691

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


Detail Image

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_ Stafford-Langan
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15th August, 2002


This coin is halfpenny struck in Limerick in 1691. It was struck immediately before or during the siege of Limerick and was struck over a 'Gunmoney' shilling.

The legends are the usual ones with the reversed N in HIBERNIA on the reverse.

This coin is in Good Extremely Fine (GEF) condition and has very clear surfaces with no porosity or traces of verdegris. The bust is slightly weak with slight traces of the undertype and the reverse is an excellent example with the undertype only visible in the stray lines through the harp.

The line through the bust at the king's forehead is a die crack on the Limerick die - this line is still visible at the high points of James' hair and laurel showing that the softness in the lower bust detail is clearly a weakness in the undertype and not wear on this coin.

Limerick halfpennies are nor particularly scarce, many specimens have clear details of the undertype which may detract more or less from the value depending how much is visible and how much they disfigure the new design. Specimens without verdegris or surface porosity are most desirable. Examples as clear and clean as this specimen are very scarce but not rare. Examples can be found in mint state with original brass or copper colour but these are rare.

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