A Copy of a Penny of Henry III with a Dublin signature


Irish Coinage


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15th August, 2002


This coin is an example of a European copy of an English style penny of Henry III but with a Dublin signature
The legends are clear with no blundering and read:
(obverse) + hENRICV+ REX.III (reverse) RIC ARD OND IVE
Which translates/expands as King Henry III / Richard of Dublin

This coin uses a typical English type obverse of good style of Henry III and an Irish reverse. The moneyer RICARD is a valid Dublin moneyer's name so it is probable that the dies were copied from two original coins but that they were inadvertently muled .

For many years these coins and similar coins of Edward I were considered to be official productions. This coin appears to be of poorer quality silver than the official issue.

The coin is in Extremely Fine (EF) condition with some original lustre but has quite heavy toning which is tending towards corrosion in some areas. As many of these coins are hoard finds they are often found in quite good grades.

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