Bank of Ireland - Ten Pence Token - 1805

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is a Bank of Ireland Token for 10 Pence 'Irish' dated 1805 but it may have been struck any time in 1805 or between mid 1806 and 1808.

These tokens were originally struck in 1805 and in 1806 a new issue dated 1806 was struck, however the Act of Parliament only authorised tokens dated 1805. So from mid 1806 until the end of the issue in 1808 the token were all dated 1805.

This coin is in About Extremely Fine (AEF) Condition - it has light traces of wear on the high points particularly on the King's shoulder and the laurel in his hair. This example has some original mint lustre which has toned within the devices.

These bank tokens are common in worn condition. They were also widely counterfeited and counterfeits are occasionally sold as genuine specimens.

Examples in Extremely Fine (EF) condition are relatively easy to find. Examples in original mint state do occur but they are scarce but not rare. The 1806 date is scarcer but examples do turn up on the market relatively often.

There were production problems with the quality of the silver used so many examples have flaws or carbon flecks embedded in the surfaces. These flaws DO reduce the value of a coin and the catalogue prices given are for pieces with good surfaces.

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