George III - Penny - 1805

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is an Irish penny struck by Mathew Bolton in his mint in the Soho area of Birmingham in 1805.

The coin is struck in 'coin' orientation (i.e. the reverse is upsidedown with respect to the obverse). The coin has an engrailed edge (i.e. a groove is milled into the centre of the edge all the way around the coin).

This example is in Good Extremely Fine (GEF) condition.

The penny of this issue is less common than the halfpenny - examples with original mint lustre and little or no wear like this one are quite scarce.

There are many different proof striking of this coin - in a range of metals copper, bronzed copper, gilt copper and silver. The proofs occur with plain and engrailed edges and are struck in coin and medal orientation.

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