Charles II Halfpenny of 1681

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is an example of a Charles I halfpenny of 1681.

The legends are clear with no blundering and read:
Which translates/expands as:
(obverse) Charles II by the grace of God
(reverse) King of Great Britain, France and Ireland

This coin is a typical example of the early Irish halfpennies of Charles II with the large lettering on both sides.

The coin is in Very Fine (VF) condition, but it has a couple of areas of porosity (principally on the neck) which are evidence of previous corrosion which has been removed and the coin retoned to improve its appearance. This coin would typically not attract as high a price as a clean and untampered with Very Fine (VF) example. Better examples of these coins are not scarce and they do appear on public sale. Much better examples (i.e. Extremely Fine or better) are scarce and do not appear on the market often.

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