Henry III Penny - Type IVb - (three curls) - Ricard

at 400 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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25 Nov, 2000


This is a Henry III type IV penny by the moneyer Ricard.

This is a classic type IV coin with a cinquefoil to the right of the bust, a single line forming the triangle, the crown fleur is not joined to the band (see type II for comparison) and there are no pellets in the obverse legend (see type III for comparison).

This specimen is an specific subvariety of type IV in that it has three curls either side of the face rather than the normal two (see regular type IV for comparison)

The legends are:

Obverse : heNRI CVSR eX III ( Henry III King )
(The second vertical of the N is shared with the R)

Reverse : RIC ARD OND IVE ( Ricard of Dublin )
(The second vertical stroke of the N is shared with the D of Dive)

This coin is in Good Very Fine - the coin is actually very close to its original mint state. The type IV coins of Henry III are normally poorly executed coins. This specimen is in unusually nice condition for this type and variety.

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