John as Lord - Mascle Farthing - Norman

at 600 dots / inch


Irish Coinage


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This coin is a silver farthing struck in Dublin between 1190 and 1199.

The coin was struck by the moneyer Norman whose name is represented by the letters N O R M in the angles of the obverse cross. Norman is a common moneyer for Dublin halfpennies in this period so it is possible to match this farthing to the mint in Dublin as well as the moneyer.

This coin is in Very Fine condition but is struck heavily off centre on the obverse, the reverse is better centered. These farthings are generally scarce to rare - examples usually turn up in quite nice condition but most specimens are badly centred.


Moneyers NORM Norman of Dublin
  ADAM Adam of Dublin
  ROBD Roberd of Dublin
  GEFR Gefrei of Waterford
  SIWA Siward of Limerick
The moneyer's name is often somewhat blundered or retrograde.


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