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19 February, 2003

  I'm sorry - there are currently no Irish coins for sale from this site.

The whole process is just too time consuming - because so many people ask, and then don't proceed, that it is simply more rewarding to continue my research or to spend the time with my family.

Fortunately I have a 'real job' and am not dependant for coin sales for my income.

The previous contents are below :

The real purpose of this site is to provide information about Irish coins.

I get a regular stream of requests to buy Irish coins, but until January (2002) I did not offer any coins for sale through this site.

I intend to expand this list to include regular type coins and coin sets and also to offer some scarcer items for dedicated collectors. However the information function comes first so this list will grow slowly.

Because of the change over to the Euro on Jan 1, 2002 the current demand appears to be for the early Euro issues and for the outgoing decimal issues. I am addressing these areas first.

Please read the Terms and cConditions :- How to Buy

Note on Prices :

The prices on these pages are not necessarily the cheapest prices for any of these coins - Many of these coins sell on Ebay or other on-line auction sites and often for less than the prices here, but occasionally for more.

I am not a full time dealer so the prices include a component to pay for the time and effort of packing and posting the coins. If you think an item is too expensive look around, you may be right (check Ebay)

Please don't e-mail me for a discount (even on quantities) - I generally don't have stocks to meet multiple orders and have no need to discount with current demand.

The following pages contain lists of Irish coins which I am offering for sale.

- Irish Euro Coins and Sets (2002 -)

- Recent Commemoratives and Decimal Coinage (1969 - 2000).

- Irish LSD coinage ('Barnyard series') (1928 - 1969)

- Irish Milled Coinage (1660 - 1823)

- Irish Hammerred Coinage (997 - 1646)

I also occasionally sell items on Ebay my ID is johnsl - the link at the end of this line will jump you to Ebay and out of this site. - see my items on Ebay.

Items offered on Ebay are usually started at a lower price than they are offered here - it is my expectation that with bidding the price will rise to these levels or thereabouts.

But if you bid more on Ebay than I am offering the items for sale for here then you pay the Ebay price. The justification is two fold and simple - firstly I pay Ebay fees on your bid not the prices on these pages and secondly for every high bidder there is an under bidder who would have paid one increment less and by outbidding them you have deprived me of the opportunity of selling the item to them at that price.

Anything you buy on Ebay is under their terms and conditions of bidding first and my terms and conditions second - that's the way they require it to be.