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How to Buy

Most of this site is not automated.

Some items allow the use of a Paypal Shopping Cart

Most other items require you to send me an E-mail ( like this )



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Manual Sales
Automated Sales

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7 September, 2002


Manual Sales - (Via e-mail)

To buy most items you need to send me an e-mail.

Please include the details of the items you want to buy.

I will reply confirming the availability and the cost (the items offered are available, but many are only single items so I will deal with conflicts on the basis of the order in which e-mails are received).

I will not accept orders for out-of-stock items as sometimes these cannot be restocked - it's not a liquid market.

Payment :

All items are shipped on receipt of cleared funds only.

I accept payment through Paypal or by post.

Paypal payments are acceptable for items which a have not been bought through the Paypal shopping cart as well as those that have.

Paypal payments are made in US Dollars.

Postal payments may be in Euros or US Dollars. Cash is fine for smaller amounts otherwise cheques are acceptable but must clear before shipping. Bank drafts or cashier's cheques are preferable for larger amounts.

Do not send payment or make a payment through Paypal without a confirmation from me.

I will confirm payment details eg paypal account / postal address as part of the confirmation of the order.

Shipping costs :

Shipping of small items worldwide is 3 Euros (aka 3 US dollars) - larger single items may cost 4 or 5 Euros ($4 or $5) - depending on weight. Heavier items are less expensive to Europe than to the rest of the World.

I approximate the actual postage costs - in whole numbers of Euros or US dollars.

Sets and multiple items will require confirmation of postage costs.

Registered post is available at an additional cost of 5 Euros ($5) on top of the basic postage.

Registered post is insured for different amounts for different destinations - most of Europe is covered for €1,000 but the US is only covered for $25.

Shipping Loss :

This is very simple:

- if you pay for normal post it is shipped at your risk as I have no way of establishing that the loss has occurred.

- if you pay for insured shipping (registered or swift post) then I will either refund costs or reship (my choice). However you must co-operate with the postal enquiry which I will initiate to validate the loss.

Record to date : 7 September 2002:

I have lost the contents of 2 packages by normal post - one package had been opened and delivered empty - the other was never delivered.

I have not yet lost the contents of a registered package or a 'swift post' parcel.

Returns Policy :

I will accept any item returned for a full refund of the purchase cost for any reason. If the item is flawed or misdescribed I will also refund the purchaser's full postal costs.

Some items are of value because they are still in original packaging - and cease to be of similar value once opened - clearly in these cases I will not accept a return of an opened item unless the item has opened because of a problem with the packaging or the shipping.

Some items are of value because they are in particularly choice condition. A single fingerprint on a brilliant uncirculated bronze coin, or a fold on an crisp uncirculated banknote may dramatically reduce its value. Clearly I expect any item to be returned in the same condition that was delivered in.

I take all reasonable care to package items in a manner suitable to preserve their condition. I expect returns to be suitably packaged.

If an item is damaged in transit I will refund all costs, but I require the damaged item to be returned to me, at my expense, as I need to see the damage and understand how it happenned so that it is not repeated.

Ebay :

I also occasionally sell items on Ebay.

Items offered on Ebay are usually started at a lower price than they are offered here - it is my expection that with bidding the price will rise to these levels or thereabouts.

But if you bid more on Ebay than I am offering the items for sale for here then you pay the Ebay price. The justification is two fold and simple - firstly I pay Ebay fees on your bid not the prices on these pages and secondly for every high bidder there is an under bidder who would have paid one increment less and by outbidding them you have deprived me of the opportunity of selling the item to them at that price - they may have been bidding higher intentionally because of some benefit they get from buying by Ebay such as buyer protection - who knows ?

Anything you buy on Ebay is under their terms and conditions of bidding first and my terms and conditions second - that's the way they require it to be.

Automated Sales (Paypal Shopping Cart)

Turned off at the moment because the postage costs are wrong - Sept 2002

You need to have a Paypal account or be prepared to open one.

Paypal is a very simple way to pay for some internet shopping and auctions such as Ebay - but not all vendors accept it and it is probably best for US residents though it is trying to expand internationally - I have been using it from Ireland for the past two years and for both buying and selling and have had no problmes.

Click Here to Open a Paypal account :

You get $5 added to your account when you open it - in some, but not in all, cases the referrer (that's me) will also get $5 added to theirs.

All items sold through the shopping cart are sold in US Dollars.

The shopping cart only exists for items where I have sufficient quantity to satisfy reasonable orders.

The paypal process is currently in test
I may modify it, or withdradw it, if it doesn't work to my satisfaction.

Please do not use this mechanism to order quantities - I may not be able to meet the order and reversing paypal transactions costs money.

The shopping cart has two icons:

This allows you to add the item to a shopping cart.

Cleary this is just an example icon - clicking this one does nothing.

This allows you to examine the items currently in your cart and to make some simple changes.

This icon does work the same way as the ones on the pages - but if you are just reviewing the instructions there is probably nothing in your cart.

Click it to test - it's harmless.