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© 2004 - Copyright
_ Stafford-Langan
Version 1.12
7th October, 2004


I have an extensive collection of images of Irish coins. However in some cases either the image I have or the coins they show are quite poor and not very informative.

You have reached this page because you clicked on an 'images required' link.

If you have an image of the coin I am looking for (or the coin itself for imaging) I would appreciate a copy of it.

Where possible I would like 600 dpi tif images from which I can derive the 200 and 400 dpi images I use - for very small coins 1200 dpi would help.

I will happily acknowledge the source of an image with either a name or a trade name below the larger version of the image, but typically not below the smaller versions as they are generally within text.

I will not give a link to a website or e-mail associated with the image, but I will create a contributors web page from which I will give a link to anybody who wants one and who provides me with an appropriate quality image which I can use (if I replace the image subsequently you can still keep the link!) .

When sending me an image you must confirm that you have the right to give it to me to use and you must give me this right. I do not require rights to pass the image onwards only to use it within my site.

Remember that the rights to an image are more likely to belong to the photographer than to the owner of the coin.

The reason that there are no acknowledgements within the current site is that I have taken all the photos myself.

If you have a precious rare item which you bought as EF and extremely rare, please consider the possibility that in my 'warts and all' type description of it I may make it appear somewhat less than it is - the truth may be refreshing!

The coins I have pictured are not for sale. I tend to approach describing them by listing the problems as well as the good points - unlike most auction catalogues or dealers.

P.S. Please don't send me hundreds of images all at the same time. If you have lots that I need then send me an introductory e-mail first.

P.P.S. Please don't send me images without a specific 'images required' link in my web site. There are many images missing within the site for other reasons where I already have the images, but haven't put them up for other reasons - usually available time.